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On Getting And Having

(Thanks to Megan Sutherland for inspiring this post)

Getting and having an agent is merely another challenge. It is, in and of itself, no guarantee of any success.   It’s climbing another summit to see that there are endless summits to climb.

For me, it was luck, opportunity and an acquaintance.

When I harboured ambitions of writing comics, I posted a critique of a script on a forum. One of the contributors, Magnus provided cogent and useful feedback.  We became friends on Facebook and would chat regularly.

At that time, I started developing The Love We Make. He recommended his agency SMART Talent and I sent a letter of enquiry, mentioned his name and a brief synopsis of the book.  They came back and asked for what I had, which I sent to them.

I sent it in December and heard nothing until April. Poor timing on my part, but I kept busy by writing and the approach that if they said no, then the time spent writing wasn’t time wasted in the slightest.

They came back in April with notes, which I studiously read and applied. They were all golden, harsh in the best way for a writer, which is

‘It’s good but it can be better and here’s how’

I signed with them in the May of that year. I did another draft of the book based on the notes and then since then they have been looking for a home for it.

With no success as yet. That’s cool, in the meantime I have written two first drafts and nearly done a second. The rejections have been from major publishers, and one of them has asked a first look at anything else I produce because I have an engaging writing style,and right now, all I have to do is write. I’m not worrying about covers, or editors, or increasing my follower count across social media.  My agency is supportive, professional and friendly. I don’t expect to hear from them needlessly nor do I bother them at every turn. What matters to them is the work, as it does to me. I’m not a major client with lots of opportunities, so I don’t need or expect my hand held yet.

I want to work with a publisher because I know that all I want to do at the moment is write and work with people who are professional and passionate in their respective fields.

I keep going, I know what I want and I know that worrying about it is pointless. I just keep going until either I win or I break. I don’t feel I want to break.


Life of a thousand cuts 23/10/2014

Now at the three hundred and twenty page mark.

There was roughly the same amount of editing done. The attribution was a little heavy, and I like to pare away exposition and passive voice. I like to keep enough to speak in her voice but from there I can afford to roll up my sleeves and cut it down. The main thing is to get it written in such a way that it tells her story.  I don’t really like pitching it yet until it’s finished and I can speak about it. Pitches are very difficult to get right. A good pitch can sell you on a book quickly or it can make you cautious, on one level a pitch that doesn’t work can put someone off your work. I say that in the terms of writing something that’s available commercially either legacy published or you’re doing it yourself.

It’s refining what was there in the first draft. If you’re going to spend time with an idea, make it one that you want to explore. To tell it both in it’s own way, because that will be your voice. You learn quite a bit so that you can get out of the way as you write. If you can read, then that helps develop you in a lot of different areas. Ultimately, you are best serving the story by working at it in such a way that at some stage you are working from a place of relative unconsciousness. You do that by studying other elements. Also by not being afraid to suck.

Don’t be precious about it. On a basic level, write every day. Make a habit of it, separate a ‘good’ day and a ‘bad’ day from any part of the practice. Even if you wrote gibberish, at least it would hopefully coalesce. Even if you suck, at least it will be a productive and enjoyable ineptitude. We probably do things poorly because we don’t enjoy them. So, yes you might think you suck sometimes, we all do, but keep going.

I tend to just thump along. I just love doing it and I love being able to tell stories and enjoy the whole process. It’s enriching and exciting both to write and to have written. I also like to have gotten it done so I can do other things too. At the moment I’ve started on The Pickwick Papers. There’s a glorious thickness to Dickens’ writing and yet it has a lightness to it. His characters are ribald. boisterous types of men here. Even the shifts in language from minutes of their meeting to the interplay between the members are deft and confident.

That’s another reason to make art because it lives on after you die.


‘I’m going to show you something beautiful’

This does look fantastic. James Spader’s voice as Ultron is chilling.

It doesn’t matter but I prefer Marvel’s movie work over DC. The DC work seems to be consistently grim, as though it rains all the time. It looks like a terrible place to live in, whereas the Marvel movies have a broader palate of colours and emotions to work from.

Also Joss Whedon.

Remember when HE WENT TO DC with a Wonder Woman proposal and they knocked him back?

So, although we didn’t get that, we did get his work on Avengers instead.

I say this, if you’re ever complaining that a woman superhero isn’t getting a tentpole event, what stops you from making one?

At least you’d own the rights to it and you’d get to tell it how you wanted to.

Anyway, as teaser trailers go, it looks really promising.

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So fucking special


It’s confessional and spacious, generous with the sentiments and a thoughtful read.

Originally posted on honeythatsok:

I think my life would be a lot easier if I wasn’t obsessed with truth. Truth in all things. I badger the people I love about getting to the bottom of things – why did you do that, why do you think that, why, why, why.

Sometimes it feels inevitable that my life took this turn. A writer asks questions. A writer tries to make sense of human nature. And what bigger question is there than who runs the world – who creates reality?

In no way do I think I am unique in asking these questions. I think a lot of people do, and I think that’s why all these ‘truther’ movements are popping up. As marketing and image-obsession increasingly seep into all aspects of our lives, people are eventually bound to start craving truth, honesty and beauty, which all used to be found in art. But even art…

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I dreamt of you again last night…


Some lovely phrasing and there’s a sophistication and confidence to it.

Originally posted on Superfluous Expressions:

You’re the focus of my day dreams and the emblem of my night lust.

My fingers sneak into my mouth, coiling themselves around my tongue. Tasting you all over again.

Your tongue gliding against mine.

Tell me I am divine. Revel in my beauty. I need you to adore me. I deserve to be desired.

But I only want it from you.

Your lips taste like poetry. Your tongue uttering sins as you slither into my ear.

Following a path softly down my neck. Body aching with tension. Tracing a map of desire, leading you, guiding you with my hands.


Melted whispers, moans and gasps of delight travel down my spine. Your body tightens with pleasure making me fall loose at the seams.

Our bodies speak the truth our voices cannot form.

My lips press against your ear. Involuntary sounds of pleasure edge out. Hot flashes of desire ripple…

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