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IMG_7647 This shot was literally grabbed out of the air; and so didn’t have the benefit of preparation in terms of exposure etc. I just wanted the capture and to take the opportunity whilst being up close.

The young lady you see in shot; appeared to be acting as the tour guide to a group of young students all of whom appeared to be having the time of their lives over at Chichester the other day.

I am not sure if they were from Italy or if they were Spanish in origin? Either way they were all having fun.

One of the group would grab the camera which was set on video mode whilst the others would either do a little ‘party piece’ to camera; or they would perform an acrobatic routine; or end up singing their heads off whilst another of their group played guitar.

As with most foreign students…

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Diary by Chuck Palahniuk

I reread this at a delicious conversational pace and enjoyed the meditation on art and suffering that underpinned the satirical observations on ecology,  wealth and culture.  It’s one of his better books and I love how he packages so many ideas into horror stories and it’s removed from the excesses of genre. 
He’s inspiring and uncompromising, unafraid to alienate but only if it serves the story. 

Orchids Grown From Buddha Dirt


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Nothing possessed,
Only borrowed a while,
Rented, lent
But if I turn you,
Touch you,
A certain way,
If I apply just enough force
If I imply enough strength
You trust enough to let go
Raising yourself and feeding enough idle thoughts
That we both smile for weeks afterwards
You with the ferocious gentility
Me with the quiet authority
And what we feed in one another
Blooms like a hothouse orchid
Tall and fragrant
That passersby cannot see
Only sense.

A Rough But Tender Miracle


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The wet warm wonder
Of your mouth
Twists into a line of bliss
As I pull your hair firmly

How you love to be handled
Defined by the rough but tender
Way that I open you
Into ecstacy
Each wince as you sit down
Equally evokes a smile
I’m man enough
To know you’re not fragile
That pleasure leaves its mark
So well that it looks no different from pain

muse, ghost, burning


Proud of this one, actually.

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In my head today.

I fucked you


and made love to you

three times. 

I walked through

the park and imagined

lying between your thighs.

Looking  up and watching your face,

Slack with pleasure until

you’re singing my name

 I did other things too, 

None of them exhausted me as much 

I reached out and

felt your hair between my fingers. 

Telling you what I wanted 

You to do,

And I imagined the smile

And it felt like sunlight



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Two Pages

Sure I’m tired but that’s from spending time out in the woods of rural Suffolk around a fire and drinking before crawling into a sleeping bag and waking up at dawn to eat my weight in bacon.

No excuse not to write. 

I enjoy the feeling of having written. I work on being generous with it, because it feels great to experience and also to share as well. I read with a slightly different eye than before now, both enjoying the work and also looking to see how a writer does something on the page and well, I don’t plagiarise, but I like to define myself by what other people do or don’t do.

I do that in a positive manner. Although there is worth in reading bad work, I seldom think it’s healthy to adopt the manner of being the eternal critic and to define yourself by being unpleasant. It’s delusional and beneath me. I used to be inventively scabrous but after a while, it just drains you. Better to celebrate the good stuff and be inspired by it than to allow the work that’s not to your taste to form the through line of your efforts.

Me, I write to entertain myself and the audience that I have in my mind’s eye. You will write for your audience and yourself, but we can talk about the quirks and the processes along the way, talk about how we see the world and one another.

All you can do is put yourself forward in the best way available to you.   

Saffron, Chapter 1


We’re seeing a lot of great work from Emily here, a sense of self and a definite style here that’s worth your time.

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“Do you go with girls?”

 There was one girl in Lauren’s middle school whom everyone knew was gay. Her name was Janey Summers.  She openly flirted and cajoled the pretty girls mercilessly, often competing blatantly with the boys for their affection.

She had an aggressive build—tall and square-shouldered with short blonde hair cut in a shag with bangs running straight across her dark eyes– set wide above a little pug nose and a determined jaw line. She acted tough and Lauren found her both fascinating and repellent.

 “No, but thanks for asking,” was her quick reply. Like turning down a stick of gum. Lauren knew her game. Jenny’s experience was advanced beyond the likes of Lauren’s —which to date included a backseat fumble here and there and a polite peck at the front door from the occasional nervous boy.

 “Don’t knock it til you try it”, she snapped, flicking her gaze…

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Two Pages

I’m off into the woods camping for an afternoon/night and will be back tomorrow. So I am writing now, despite a bit of a humidity headache, but I like to keep the page count going. 

It’s all about embracing the grind. 

And by that I mean, writing about intimate oral sex between two consenting adults whilst I look forward to beer from a cooler and bacon cooked over a gas cooker whilst we talk bollocks as men.  See that’s the thing about me, I contain contradictions in multitudes and that’s perfectly fine. 

Today was about playing with the emotions that come up during sex, and how they get dealt with. In movie sex scenes, there’s the sheet that falls to a man’s waist but not a woman’s and the velcro genitals that slot together like lego bricks. There’s not the emotions that an orgasm, one obtained even illicitly can elicit. 

I’m not trying to bring the sad to erotica, but acknowledging it, as part of the process. The zipless fuck exists, but as a platonic ideal, there’s an element of risk in letting yourself open to another and in this book, I want to talk about how that feels. 

There’s other things in the book, but they’re not getting discussed or fleshed out until they get there. 

Now, out to the woods. I will return once I have communed with silence and bacon. 



Behind The Book Campaign: How to Sell 30,000 Copies in 6 Six Weeks


Things I will have to consider when the book gets published.

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Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 1.13.12 AM

Over the last several years, I’ve done dozens of book launches. Among those launches I’ve had the privilege of working with or seeing authors on nearly every major media outlet, mainstream or otherwise, and tried just about every marketing trick in the book. I’ve worked on campaigns for books through my marketing company, Brass Check, that sold millions of copies, hit #1 on the New York Times list (home runs) and plenty of other singles, doubles and triples (I admit to strike outs as well).

In between these launches, I’ve written and released three books under my own name with Penguin. I’m telling you all this not to brag but as a way of saying this: a lot of people in publishing have been looking very hard for marketing steroids for a long time and we’ve chased a lot of leads. First it was Twitter, then it…

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