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How to Have Sex Like a Feminist


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Originally posted on Valid Opinions:

I’m going to start off this segment with a clear and concise statement.

Sex is not dirty.

I repeat.

Sex is not dirty.

If you’re a woman, you were probably taught as a child to keep your legs shut and dress modestly if you knew what was good for you. If you’re a man, you were probably taught as a child that there were nice girls and then there were girls you could have fun with.

What if I told you there were no nice girls or nice boys? What if I told you that virginity and promiscuity don’t matter? What if I told you that your sex life belongs to you and you alone. You can do whatever you want with your genitals and most people won’t give a shit. (Crazy, I know!)

Between Cosmo and the Bible, you’ve got conflicting messages flying everywhere and yet no one is telling both…

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A Fiancee At Thanksgiving

so quiet
He knows the tones
Your silence
Your mother did
The same thing
But telling you that
Makes it worse
You look at your father’s dull eyes
Later,  over whiskey in the lounge
They weep over their mutual futures
He raises a glass
Allies in a war
They’re doomed to lose
And you eavesdrop
As you curse the inheritance
You hoped would miss a generation
Because you could sit with your daughter
And show her how disappointment
Has broken teeth and
Enough shame to go round


Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 27/11/2014

Had to push myself tonight but it got done. I found the rhythm of it and powered through to it. It’s about capturing a moment of tenderness and passion, but sourced in flesh and power. I put some of it in upper case in order to give myself something different and i just went for it.

You can surprise yourself simply by keeping going. You build stamina for the times when it’s hard going so that you can keep going. Push through the resistance because there’s gold ahead of you.

I am. however, exhausted so I’m going to switch my brain off and kill zombies for an hour before sleep.



Walk Game

I can walk mostly anywhere
Without fearing
a policeman’s
I wish that
for all of us
Here playing a game
That we forget that’s
No more real than
Any game

Sons should leave
Their mother’s
Tables with
An expectation
To return
Only with stories
Rather than
Become them

I ask what I can do
To help
And look for



I look at you
Imagine how the morning light
Would frame your face
Or what your voice sounds
Like at three a.m

You’re a curriculum
I’m teaching you
As I learn from you
I accept you as you are
Without judgement

And all the textures of your
Would, in time,  be smooth
As silk beneath my touch
Classes start when you say hello