Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere

OK, so as I am editing, I am wondering where to take it next.

I had one of those ideas. Which frees me up a lot but also ties me into something I might suck at but want to go for.

So, yes I am weaving it in. I am not showing it too early but it was always there. It just took a major turn and it satisfies the  urge to keep pushing.

Because why not, eh?

I might screw it up but that’s half the fun.

It’s exciting because it is new and it’s a challenge.

Most of all because it’s fun and I love doing it.  I never know if I’m any good or not. It’s entirely it’s own reward. I’m still editing because the voice has changed. It’s more that I can do it and I will.


Cat call

I’ve never
Catcalled a woman
Because it’s their day
And not a performance
For anyone’s benefit
Least of all
I don’t want to be part
Of an anecdote
Delivered with a cringe
To a chorus of knowing
Sympathetic friends
Where the tale
Carries like a bad smell
And even
the coffee
Taste bitter
I don’t say these
Things to curry
But to deny
Common humanity
Rather than
Hoping for a pat
On the head


Getting A Second Opinion


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Originally posted on kinginascent:

There’s always a degree of trepidation when you send out the second draft to your beta reader.

I have one, I trust their opinion and their honesty completely. If they enjoy the book, then that means I have created something of worth. Then, with their feedback in mind, I will send it to the agent and see if they can find a home for it.

So I am now in the place where I am between projects. I do have Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere, but I am enjoying the respite. Well, I am not enjoying it more that it’s been the first time in ages that I’ve not banged straight into something new.

Well, tonight is a night off then tomorrow I am going to resume Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere or work up some of the short pieces that I have been working on longhand.

I’m not interested in NaNoWriMo…

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Money Flows

..towards the writer not away from you. I didn’t say that, John D MacDonald and John Scalzi did.

The exception to this is self publishing, but that it is a trade off for the control that you get. Your independence and level of detail is what you pay for.

Otherwise, then you shouldn’t be paying much of anything towards your book.

An agent should agree contractually a percentage of your work, with variations for different formats and territories.

A publisher should do much the same thing.

If a publisher asks you to financially contribute then it’s not really a publisher,  it’s a vanity press and at least vanity presses are honest about it.

I’m also wary of publishers who ask you to do all the marketing for your book, which begs the question of what they’re doing other than printing your book, and giving it an ISBN number. 

If you’re going with a legacy publisher, do your homework, google them, research to see who they are and what they do.  In our field, there’s a lot of earnest and passionate people, and unfortunately there are those who see that as a chance to exploit that passion.

Being a writer who gets paid for their work is as much a business as an artistic calling. Make sure you protect yourselves out there. I’m not casting aspersions on any particular individual or group but just be careful. With the same passion as you would write, have that passion, despite the traditional distaste that artists have for business, for protecting your interests and rights.  

tl:dr protect ya neck from the hustlers seeking to capitalize on your work without any sacrifice on their part.

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My head ached with wondering how it happened, if men were neither fools nor rascals; and my heart ached to think they could possibly be either.

Bleak House, Charles Dickens

There’s genuine beauty in this, nearly two centuries apart from it.

I should read more of the classics, because there’s something to be gained from studying the stuff that lasts rather than the fifteen year old wunderkind with an MFA and no life experience.  Not to say that the latter couldn’t produce something that lasts a long time.



Music is a massive inspiration for me.  Not so much directly but in terms of mood and feeling. 

Sometimes when writing I aim to capture a particular mood and I listen to appropriate music to help me get into the state. 

For the first book, I listened to a lot of D’Angelo,  Maxwell and Prince because of the sensuality of the music.

For the second book it was Fiona Apple, St Vincent and oddly enough Childish Gambino and even some Nine Inch Nails. 

For this one its Childish Gambino,  The Roots,  Soundgarden and Queens of the stone age. 

It’s more about getting to a state where I can express my emotional state on the page.  Bypassing objections and barriers to honesty and truth.