‘I’m going to show you something beautiful’

This does look fantastic. James Spader’s voice as Ultron is chilling.

It doesn’t matter but I prefer Marvel’s movie work over DC. The DC work seems to be consistently grim, as though it rains all the time. It looks like a terrible place to live in, whereas the Marvel movies have a broader palate of colours and emotions to work from.

Also Joss Whedon.

Remember when HE WENT TO DC with a Wonder Woman proposal and they knocked him back?

So, although we didn’t get that, we did get his work on Avengers instead.

I say this, if you’re ever complaining that a woman superhero isn’t getting a tentpole event, what stops you from making one?

At least you’d own the rights to it and you’d get to tell it how you wanted to.

Anyway, as teaser trailers go, it looks really promising.

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So fucking special


It’s confessional and spacious, generous with the sentiments and a thoughtful read.

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I think my life would be a lot easier if I wasn’t obsessed with truth. Truth in all things. I badger the people I love about getting to the bottom of things – why did you do that, why do you think that, why, why, why.

Sometimes it feels inevitable that my life took this turn. A writer asks questions. A writer tries to make sense of human nature. And what bigger question is there than who runs the world – who creates reality?

In no way do I think I am unique in asking these questions. I think a lot of people do, and I think that’s why all these ‘truther’ movements are popping up. As marketing and image-obsession increasingly seep into all aspects of our lives, people are eventually bound to start craving truth, honesty and beauty, which all used to be found in art. But even art…

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I dreamt of you again last night…


Some lovely phrasing and there’s a sophistication and confidence to it.

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You’re the focus of my day dreams and the emblem of my night lust.

My fingers sneak into my mouth, coiling themselves around my tongue. Tasting you all over again.

Your tongue gliding against mine.

Tell me I am divine. Revel in my beauty. I need you to adore me. I deserve to be desired.

But I only want it from you.

Your lips taste like poetry. Your tongue uttering sins as you slither into my ear.

Following a path softly down my neck. Body aching with tension. Tracing a map of desire, leading you, guiding you with my hands.


Melted whispers, moans and gasps of delight travel down my spine. Your body tightens with pleasure making me fall loose at the seams.

Our bodies speak the truth our voices cannot form.

My lips press against your ear. Involuntary sounds of pleasure edge out. Hot flashes of desire ripple…

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The Craving Experiment By Cortland Pfeffer and Brian Francis


It’s a remarkable metaphor for the experience of addiction.

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Family members, non-addicts, normies, or anyone else interested in how the addicted mind works, this one is for you:

Are cravings real? What does addiction feel like? Is it a choice? Try this experiment in its entirety then you decide for yourself. Only 2000 words.

If you really want to experience a craving like an alcoholic or addict you must truly imagine the following scenario. After reading the scenario, and you want to physically feel the experience, please feel free to do so at your own risk. It may give a greater understanding to the power of craving.

But first, let me try to explain the word craving. It is highly overused and vastly misunderstood. This happens with many words, used in an exaggerated sense over time, and the connotation of the word slowly loses its true meaning.

In sports, we reference war, “It’s a battle out there,” “football is…

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Life Of A Thousand Cuts 22/10/2014

So, I did some solid editing, reordered another sequence and worked on passive voice and the excess adverbs.

I show some restraint with the language. I’ve also cut some of the love scenes, mainly because they didn’t move things forward.  Which is odd, for what’s notionally erotica, but it’s better to avoid ‘fucktigue.’

Which is that feeling when you’re reading an explicit book and you roll your eyes at another sexual encounter. I want to avoid that at all costs.

I am now, with editing, about 308 pages, or roughly 10k words. I like to keep things lean. I love solid dense reads but at the moment I like to keep things lean. There are stories that I want to tell, some of those might take a lot of pages to tell but I enjoy a degree of brevity in the work. I think of it in terms of when the story is done, not when there’s an arbitrary structure in place.

Anyway, another session done. Each day puts me closer to another completed project, things that will eventually be available as tangible objects and occupants of other people’s imaginations.