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Project Laughter 27/05/2015

A moment of tenderness for today’s session, which is something that I enjoy incorporating into the sexual elements of the writing. For men, sex is a route into intimacy and for some,  an opportunity to feel things that are nuanced and outside of day to day interactions. I needed Tom to have that moment because it’s healing for him.

So it’s been a pleasure to work today and I will be at the fifty pages mark by Friday and there’s good writing here. I pursue the story with fervour and wherever I end up, I will make the best of it.

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A moments respite

Kicking your
Legs as you
Suddenly a foam
Of girlish delight
Taking in a woman’s
As I watch you
Your skin
Glowing as I take you
In. Feeding my skin hunger
Until my touch
My knowing mouth
Begins to buy your
Reverent silence
With kisses
Deft stabs of my
Feeling you well up
As I nestle
In the petals
Your thighs parting
Like branches
Against a breeze
Your fingers
A benediction against
The nape of my neck
Let me take
Sustenance from you
Speak to the damp
Wildness of you
Until your nerves
Pop with ecstacy

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Project Laughter 26/05/2015

I’ve moved to familiar territory for these pages. There’s an urgency to these scenes that I’m enjoying and a humane kindness which I hope provides some measure of levity before things take a darker turn.

The section today had already been written when I was in the initial flush of inspiration for the book and there were some minor changes made to accommodate the flow of earlier beats.  In terms of craft, you can write over the joins so long as you can make it look seamless.

So another two solid pages today and I can go through the rest of it with a sense of achievement that’s sourced in the time taken to focus on the work. It’s grinding rather than sailing sometimes but it takes me further in, each day that I write.


Good Habits

I talk about what’s going on in my head a lot but a lot of that is possible through the other habits that I’ve developed alongside the practice of writing. 

Exercise.  Being a nerd, I used to disdain exercise entirely and as a consequence, coasted through my teens and twenties on a shitty diet and a good metabolism.  Then the debt became due and I ended up fat. Not orca fat but I had a belly and attendant health issues alongside it.
I discovered Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Body and it was a revelation.  It’s all good stuff in there,  it helped build my writing practice and my physical protocols which work with my limited capabilities for recovery from training and a thirst for lifting heavy weights.  My diet is fairly spartan but it works and I feel sharp and capable.

Find something that you can get into and commit to the least amount of time and energy for it to be effective.  I like weights because I’m not a runner and I carry out barbell complexes which is a series of movements without any weight on the bar for cardio and to build my lactic acid threshold.
It also boosts my testosterone and allows me to connect to my masculinity in a way that’s healthy and doesn’t impose on anyone else.

I’ve started a basic yoga practice off YouTube and I’m three days in and feeling better for it. So it evolves as my needs change.


A small amount of time spent practicing meditation has paid off massively for me. It isn’t a catch all solution for your issues nor does it numb you to the pain of living but it gives you the tools to see things from a perspective that makes sense.  It calms me down,  gives me focus and it makes me feel more nuanced.

Pretty useful traits for a writer.

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Symphony for a duet

Against you
But the urge
To ravish you
Uncoils within me
Building and it
Makes my fingers
Shake with want
Sweet profanities
Telling me how
As I strain
against the
Cradle of your
Tender notes
In the hot wet
We collaborate
And I reach
For the high notes
Until the lights wink
Out on everything
I am
And as you clutch
At me I move
Undone by bliss

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Project Laughter 255\2015

I’ve concluded the date but I still have the pair of them together.

You show certain things in order to create values that you’re risking later and also to show character. There’s also a personal pleasure in writing Evelyn and how her assertiveness contrasts with Tom offstage. I enjoy writing women as much as men and I hope that it shows on the page. I have the characters all established in broad strokes but there’s room for development and space to test them.

I’ve been deep in research and studying the structure of the genre means that I’m applying what I’ve done against what I’m already doing. Certain tenets and approaches lend themselves to this genre, mainly the importance of intimacy and emotional truth.

These scenes are relatively light because of the progression towards fear and unease. I am excited about it because I want to see if I can tell a different sort of story than I have before.