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That First Touch

Stroking across
Your skin
Seeing my fingers
Flash like lightning
In your eyes
Opening you
Your nerves
Add to the delight
I take in
Coaxing the fire
Within you
A heat that might scald
The timid
But I touch you
Determined curiosity
Drives me
To nuzzle
To stroke
To bite
And as you peel
Sodden silk downward
I welcome the
With a thumping


Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 29/03/2015

I took a day off Friday,  caught up yesterday and this morning wrote again. Essentially exposition that I can unpack later and seed earlier through the book in a later draft.

First drafts are for figuring out what happens and what you are saying.  I write in one direction and then pare it back later.  I enjoy breaking things down and putting them in earlier.  I avoid writer’s block by not being afraid to suck and writing poorly.  If I get it done I can fix it or at least find something useful to work with later. Usually the pages you don’t like when you are writing them don’t look that awful later and sometimes two pages of delightful inspired writing gets discarded because it doesn’t work for the book. 
Still back into it after a short break and I’m back on schedule again.

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Speaking In Tongues

My mouth
Does not pause
Over the marks
Life has left you
My hand doesn’t
Waver when it
Lands on an
We’re all of us
Perfect as we
Are and I want
Your scars as
Much as I want
Your virtues
I want to kiss
You in places
Where no one
Has been before
I want to invent
A new language
With you,
Words comprised
Of touch
My tongue
Dipping into the
Honeyed well
Between your
I speak in tongues
Telling your
Flaws that they
Are welcome
Always welcome
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Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 26/03/2015

I had to bully through to begin with, as I was running late but I couldn’t rely on getting my pages done at my desk. It’s an ironic juxtaposition that I work on my career whilst I’m at work but I also like to know that whatever else my day is like, my writing is done. There’s also a degree of unfiltered id in writing that early.

Routines are good if they work for you and today worked really well as I had to write quickly but it got done. I have moved things on, so it transitioned from action to dialogue, which was a little bit ‘on the nose’ but I wanted to get it on the page, as I’ve said, it’s about figuring things out but I also like to go in and cut it, parse and rephrase it so it’s good rather than a gateway drug for information that you should have shown the reader earlier.

Think of it like you’re a prosecuting attorney or barrister as we call it here. You make your case throughout and your summary is where you show that you’ve done your work and hammer home any last emotional or rhetorical points. Your jury is your reader and you want the best possible verdict.

(Ignore the maxim about a person defending themselves having a fool for a client, you’re beautiful and a genius)

So I might be excusing clumsy writing but if it’s still getting the work done, then you’re ahead of Pale Tubercular Genius who’s spent six weeks slaving over two sentences whilst you’ve got a book finished.  You can fix the shit, but you can’t fix what isn’t there in the first place.

What are you still doing reading this, muppet, get the writing done.


Matt Watches Television

  • Why does every new vaguely supernatural/science fiction tv show have to be (insert unusual character, such as Lucifer or iZombie) have to have them solving crimes? It’s not like there’s a shortage of the bloody things.

How about a werewolf that becomes a congressman or a zombie trying to get in touch with his ex girlfriend? Drama is drama, and as much as I love crime drama (even the vaguely tweedy Murder She Wrote is bearable when the truth is that Jessica Fletcher is the murderer) come on, play with the format, I dare you.

  • Reality television puts people on your screen that you wouldn’t have in your house. I knew that the likes of the Duck Dynasty people existed but did you have to forcibly remind me?
  • Television has improved, the likes of HBO have pushed the boundaries but it’s still got a way to go as yet. The likes of the Netflix model have changed things and the mainstream channels have yet or are unable to change in time to avoid the wounding that they’ve received.
  • The Better Call Saul episode with Mike has to be one of my favourite hours of television alongside the season finale of Orange Is The New Black.
  • If I were to write for television, I’d want to pitch to Netflix or Amazon Prime, might be a lower budget but more freedom and my President Werewolf pitch isn’t as expansive as I originally thought. Growl, Kevin Spacey, growl.
  • Marvel are winning in terms of quality in reproducing the pop energy of the comics onscreen and continuity, DC aren’t exciting me at all and I say this as a massive fan of their continuity. I want comic book movies of Saga and I’m finally getting my Preacher tv series, which has amazing casting thus far.

Now, silence I’m watching television.