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Nothing keeps me anywhere 05/03/2015

I wrote two pages of the book and then three pages of a new project.  It’s exhaustive work sometimes but I feel great for the effort. 
There’s a certain amount of surprise when you find the voice of a new piece.  And that it’s different from the other piece.

You build capability by failing often and learning from them.  Working at your writing is sometimes daunting but it’s rewarding when you finish or look back and see a completed piece or a progression of something you used to struggle with.

I’ve enjoyed it but I’m shattered and going to bingewatch some Netflix.  Then some reading and meditation. Poetry is inevitable.

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Finger Painting

I kneel
Bracing myself
So that all my weight
My purpose
My strength
Focused to a fingertip’s space
My fingers
Dancing against the
Soft damp
Pleasures of your flesh
A brush across canvas
A pen pressed
Against paper
Fingers against a
My art is here,
Art and
music and
Released from
skin and
Your nerves
Firing like fireworks
As you dance against the
It has to come out
And all my invention
Goes to opening the
Door to ecstacy
With a beckoning
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Nothing Keeps Me Anywhere 04/03/2015

This morning, with a mouthful of scrambled eggs and coffee (I have mine black no sugar, thank you, made in a french press and served in what amounts to a bucket with a handle on it) I wrote about Andrea and Chris in a physical altercation.

I enjoyed writing the scene, I could have expanded on it, but then there’d be too much for the scene to carry, and it’s better that I show you the breaking point and hint at the damage that led to there.

As I’ve said before, if it sticks out later, I’ll either cut it completely or unpack it and parse it earlier in the book for subsequent drafts.

On a personal note, how many of you, if any of you, gain anything from these? Although it’s essentially a work diary, I like talking about the processes and things I learn as a consequence. If there’s anything I’ve said that you’d like me to expand upon, let me know.

The danger is in being pretentious with these types of posts. It’s a feature of insecurity because the maxim for me is:

Complicate for profit, simplify for effectiveness.

I don’t want to profit from these, (there’s a tip jar on here but I’m not sure if I link to it properly because my IT is one step above poking with a stick and asking Y U NO WORK)

So I just talk about what I’ve learned, and I share it with you all because there might be someone stuck or struggling and if it makes them keen to write or helps them solve an issue, that’s the reward.

Two pages done, and the day is now occupied with work and then I can work on poetry and get reading done.


erotic writing, erotica, poetry


Those curls
Knotted in my fingers
As you push against me
Mouth wet and open
No one’s sister, daughter or mother,
No one’s employee
Only you
The patience
Is it’s own reward
As you wrap yourself
Around me
Show me
Everything you’ve held back
You play with me
Tease me
Rubbing my ivory cream
Into your skin
Your appetite
Your delicious fury
No part of you
Closed to me
Ever as
you take me
into you
erotic writing, erotica, poetry

Shopping With Wolves

Pushing the cart
Stealing glances at you
Your hips
The walk that
Makes my mouth go dry
Looking up
Your eyes lock with mine
You know
The animal
behind my eyes
Like the wolf
in grandma’s clothing
You pick up
a carton of milk
My hand at
The small of
Your back
A promise more than
A touch
Swimming through
The tension
Seeking the shore
That starts when you
Take me home
Take my skin
Run your fingers
Through my fur
You whisper.
Eyes shining
Show me your teeth